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June 10, 2012
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Im sure most everybody in the HTF fandom knows about the ever so popular ship FlippyxFlaky. Fanart, AMVs, and Fanfics of the two are the most commonly seen thing in the fandom.  As some people may already know I am one of the few people who is actually anti the couple. Im known for my anti pics and my Anti FlippyxFlaky AMV on Youtube. I have been told  that this ship has been hinted many times in the show. I disagree. So these are my responses to some common beliefs of FlippyxFlaky fans. Ive been thinking about writing this thing for a while so I think it should be decent enough to read. Hope you enjoy it Anti FlippyxFlaky people.
*and just as a note, I think the topic of Flaky's gender is very interesting  but I am just going to refer to Flaky as a female in this writing because that is how the majority of FlippyxFlaky fans see Flaky*

Here are some objections to some common FlippyxFlaky "proofs" that fans have told me.

1.  Flaky's screams snap Flippy out of his flip out! He loves her. [From Double Whammy part 1]
Well this one has always annoyed me. Lets take a look at other episodes shall we? In "This Is Your Knife" Flippy threw Flaky into a campfire and Flaky's screams were heard. But Flippy didn't snap out then. He actually laughed  as she burned to death and even roasted a marshmallow over her. Looking at the episodes with Flippy, the times he snaps out are varied and are diffrent in each one. He can even manage to snap himself out at times. I think the reason the writers chose Flaky for this scene is because she was the only other female around (Lammy wasn't introduced untill later) and as in most cartoons, female screams are much more alarming and noticeable than male screams.

2. Flaky threw Flippy his birthday party! That has to be love! She did it just for him! [From Party Animal]
Okay, I have never understood this "theory". Where the CRAP did it EVER say in the episode that Flaky was the one who planned Flippy's birthday party!? Yes she made the cake. But if people payed attention to other parts, the party looked much more like a group effort then something Flaky planned all by herself. Sniffles put together the apple barrel, Cuddles, The Mole, and Toothy put up the decorations, and Nutty tried to help out with the punch. The only reason Flaky was in the first part of the episode was to show her peanut allergry, because her quills were what caused Flippy to flip out in the next part of the episode. And considering Flaky's shyness and social awkwarkness, I highly doubt that planning a party for an army veteran was her idea.

3. Flippy went and killed Sniffles even though Flaky was right there! [from Party Animal]
I have two possible reasons for this. First of all, Flaky looks pretty creepy and burised with her allergry reaction does she not? My first theory is that Flaky's allergry reaction mixed with her normal red color, Evil Flippy could have possibly thought she was dead and just didnt bother to go kill her. My second one is that, well,  Evil Flippy likes to be unique with his kills right? Sniffles was putting up a fight by trying to hide, so Evil Flippy was probably more intrested in going after Sniffles instead just quickly killing Flaky by popping her. But granted, if Flippy was still flipped out and Flaky and The Mole were still alive, I think that he would have also killed them both.

4. Flippy sat next to Flaky! He has a crush on her! [From This is your Knife]
Okay, are you fans really serious with this? There was one freakin' seat left, of course he sat next to her! Where else would he sit, on the ground??? Using this as proof makes about as much sense as Rebecca Black asking "which seat can I take?" in her Friday song. And dont forget, he also still flipped out, even though Flaky was right next him.

5. Flippy helped Flaky after they crashed! He loves her! [from Without a Hitch]
Really? Lets look at Flippy's character shall we? Flippy is one of the most friendly htfs around. He enjoys doing social things, like going to the movies, or helping at the carnival. So I dont get why fans use this scene as proof. If it was Giggles, or Petunia or heck, even Lumpy, im sure Flippy would have done the same and tried to help. What fans ignore, is that Flaky was horrified when Flippy approached her, and she stabbed him out of self defense.

6. Pop was supposed to be in Flippy's place so he wasn't really was mad at her! [From Happy Trails part 2]
It's true that Pop was replaced by Flippy in this episode. But thats not the point. The point is Mondo Media thought it was weird for Pop to kill Flaky but perfectly normal for Flippy to help kill her. I know that most of the HTF were a little out of character in that scene, but my point is if FlippyxFlaky was ever meant to be cannon or have hints I think Mondo Media would be having Flippy kill her a lot less.

7. Flippy killed Giggles because he dosen't love her, he really loves Flaky! [From On My Mind]
Seriously? First of all Flippy kills EVERYONE when he Flips out. And looking at past episodes he has killed Flaky many times before, usually in painful ways, like strangling her, or throwing her into a blazing campfire. So either Flippy also doesn't love Flaky or this was just a freakout theory made when fans were shocked by this episode.

But the main reason im so pushed away from this ship? The FANS. I have had many fans yell at me, call me "not a true htf fan" post things like "This is horrible FLIPPY X FLAKY 4EVERRR everybody Knows that they R a cupple!" Or "Why would you like this shitty pair? Its FLIPPY X FLAKY DUMBASS!!11!!1!" And I have also seen many disturbing rape type pictures of the two on Google. im not talking about BDSM but actual r-a-p-e with Flaky in tears, Evil Flippy laughing, just kind of disturbing to me.

So those were some of my theories and if you read all of them then I would like to say thanks. And I would also like to say I know not all FlippyxFlaky fans are horible n00bs, I dont care if someone supports them, its just the ones that shove it in my face that bother me. And im not totally against it either, like on my htf bases I don't say "Can't be used for FlippyxFlaky" Im fine with it as long as the fans dont go crazy and scream at me.

Again these were my theories and if you also dislike FlippyxFlaky then tell me what you think. : P
Yup, this is something ive been wanting to post for a while now so here it is!

I know im gonna get hate comments, but I could really care less. Im sick of all these "proofs" and "Facts" and insults being thrown at me.

And also, im not saying all FlippyxFlaky fans are n00bs. I have some watchers who like it and I dont treat them any diffrently. Its only when the fans start to yell at ME for not supporting the couple is when I get pissed off.
I just think others who dislike the pair will find this interesting, I have some friends who are also Anti-FlippyxFlaky so they might want to see it.

So tell me what you think about my responses to each "fact" given. If I hear anymore interesting ones, I might add them.

I had fun typing this. XD
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starly-light Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014
Thank you! You're so right about that!And I agree with everything you wrote here. Most of the FxF fans are mean.Oh well I ship FlippyxGiggles ^^
Madison02 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  New member Student Artist
bel-bunny Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you so much for this, to be honest i was always wondering why everyone loved this ship its not even canon or remotely pushing towards canon, i think people really just want more than the whole cuddles and giggles thing but whatever, thank you again
Noutty Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014   Artist
In fact the couple that I like in HTF is Flippy x Giggles, and I do not understand what they have in common Flaky x Flippy, Flaky x Splendid, Flaky Shifty Lifty x, x Flaky Nutty but WTF? I find it disgusting.
Noutty Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014   Artist
I completely agree! I'm really tired of this silly couple, it's really anything! I really hate this couple!
Lautay20 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
SkippyTheDemon Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Student Artist
I agree with all of this. Especially the Happy Trails thing.
PepperWinter12 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree. would you believe me if i said i ship it because i think its funny?
ChocoMilkandNoteBook Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
We agree. :b
Rikamaple185 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I totally agree. I'm better off with yaoi couples.
EPP! Don't ask way!
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